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What is "Esotericism"?

The term "esoteric" has roots in late antiquity and first appears in the 2nd century CE work entitled Vitarum Rustio by the satirist Lucian of Samosata.  The word "esoteric" was first linked to secrecy by Clement of Alexandria in his Stromata V.58.3-4.  However, use of "esotericist" and "esotericism" only began to be used in the 18th century.  Some scholars align the esoteric with the notion of rejected knowledge. But like everything in scholarship, this is up for debate.

"Western Esotericism" is an academic field of research, scholarship and education.  It is an interdisciplinary field that draws on a range of subjects and approaches. Disciplines can include; folklore, religious studies, art history, literature, psychology, sociology, and archaeology, to name a few.  The subject matters are broad including; alchemy, magic, rituals, Satanism, kabbalah, mysticism, fairy-lore, paganism, Wicca, spiritual ascent, Occult studies, and many, many more.

What is the aim of Esoteric Scotland?

Esoteric Scotland seeks to provide a platform for scholars and independent researchers to connect and promote the field of Scottish esoteric studies.

In building a comprehensive resource, this site aims to benefit the promotion of Scotland and researchers working in the field on Scotland's connection with esoteric trends. To aid researchers in knowing what is available and share information about upcoming events and conferences.

How can I get involved?

One of Esoteric Scotland's aims is to build a community and network. If you would like to create content for this project please get in touch. 

Alternatively, if you have a question, check out the forum section. You can also contact the site directly via our email or through one of our social media accounts.

Do I have to be an academic to participate?

No. Anyone is able to participate. The forum is available for various discussions and questions.  Any content submitted must be properly referenced and the authors own work.  Subject matter must relate to Scotland, Scottish nationals or projects/organisations based in Scotland in the field of esoteric studies. The editor of the site has final say over what will be published.

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