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Online Resources

A selection of online resources including recorded lectures

Witchcraft in Scotland

The Edinburgh University Interactive Witch map.

Survey of Scottish Witchcraft Database

Online Lectures 

The Boleskine House Lecture Series - (Ongoing series).

A series of lectures by Scholars on topics related to Scotland and Boleskine house.

Sighting the Sun and Moon at Calanais (2024).

Hosted by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and Urras nan Tursachan (The Standing Stones Trust), presented by Prof. Clive Ruggles (University of Leeds).

Scottish Necromancers and Elite Magic - (2023).

Hosted by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, with Prof. Julian Goodare (University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Louise Yeoman (BBC Scotland).

Online Courses

Scottish Witch-hunting and the Rise of a Protestant Culture, 1590-1690.

Short, postgraduate online course via the University of Aberdeen.

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